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  • GGPA ANNUAL FALL OUTING SATURDAY OCT 16,2004... AT DAWSON RUN #3 ON THE ETOWAH RIVER...GGPA Membership Common Digs every other Saturday at Beards Branch ***Weather Permitting***. Bring Your shovel and buckets, plan to spend the day.

    Where can you go and spend some quality time with family and friends. How about Camping [primitive style] in a tent or taking the family Rv? How about some good trout fishing or hiking ? Even better yet how about GOLD, yup thats what I said GOLD Real 24kt Native Georgia Gold the Finest Gold on the North American Continent.
    The GGPA [Georgia Gold Prospectors, has 5 Privately owned and Secured Gold Prospecting and Relic Hunting claims in Georgia. All are Gated private properties, where you can go with Family or Guests and spend some quality OutDoor Recreational time, whether it be just a weekend or for your 2 week vacation. With 100's of available acres of Excellent Gold Prospecting and Relic Hunting lands and some of the Best Camping and Fishing in North Georgia. And whats best about it.
    You can go anytime you want, 365 days a year, no reservations, no calling ahead.
    So take alook around the website, look at what the members are doing. Then go and get your gold pan or sluice box, dredge or highbanker and come and join us. Oh, and don't forget the Metal Detector, fishin poles and the family dog.
    Call us for an application to Join 770-573-0153
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